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iBUG Origins


iBUG started as a club in 2002 with support from the then Strategic Health Authority, all members must be service users or ex-service users.

Limited Company Status

iBUG became an Independent Ltd. Co. in June 2005.

Management committee made up of service users. User led, user managed organisation. 3 Service user directors and a service user secretary and two assistant directors who are also service users.


iBUG is involved with all aspects of commissioning and evaluating Islington mental health services.

Tendering of services

iBUG Members are involved in the tendering process of mental health services. Less experienced iBUG Members have experienced supervisors to support them in their work. Recent tendering work includes: 'High needs support accommodation procurement', 'Supporting people- Mental Health Floating Support Service', 'Day Services Review Steering Group and Tendering Panel'

Ashley Road Day Centre

We played a pivotal part in retaining Ashley Road Day centre, when Islington Council was proposing to close it.

Patients Council

We have created a unique service user project at HMHC the iBUG Patients Council.

This is a peer to peer project is run by service users for service users. For more information please go to Our Projects.

Get-Your-Act-Together! Course

The iBUG Get- Your- Act- Together! Course was a Pilot Project, which has been a success. Both the participants and the facilitators enjoyed it and found it very inspiring. Due to this success we would like to jointly run the course on a permanent basis with other North London Boroughs at different locations.

Our plan is to apply for funding after the partnership agreements.

The iBUG Influence Magazine

iBUG has been publishing our newsletter since 2006.

In 2007 we managed to secure funding for the project through Cripplegate Foundations' Islington Community Chest Funding Programme and were able to distribute it to the wider mental health community. The project has become very successful and the newsletter has been growing in size ever since we first published it.

In 2009 we have managed to increase funding for our Newsletter and it has been re-designed in May-June 2009 and now it is called "The iBUG Influence Magazine."

To find out more go to Our Projects.


In September 2009 we have launched our website. 10 iBUG Members are being trained to maintain and develop the website.

Highgate User Forum and Women's Forum

iBUG arranges the Highgate User Forum every 3 months and regularly attends the Highgate Women's Forum where important strategic decision are made

NHS Islington Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust City Parochial Foundation Lottery funded Cripplegate Foundation Islington Council