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The iBUG Influence Magazine

Download the latest issue of the iBUG Influence Magazine here.

The History of the project

iBUG published our newsletter between 2006 and 2013.

In 2007 we managed to secure funding for the project through Cripplegate Foundations' Islington Community Chest Funding Programme and were able to distribute it to the wider mental health community.


You can download all the back copies of the newsletter from our Archive.

The latest improvements

iBUG is pleased to announce that we have managed to increase funding for our Newsletter and it has been re-designed in May-June 2009 and later was called "The iBUG Influence Magazine."

Following extra funding and development, the management of iBUG decided to re-design the format of the newsletter and increase the number of pages in it, and to distribute more copies. We believed our publication to be more than just a newsletter. It is an interesting and entertaining read; therefore we thought the new format should look more like a magazine.

You will find several sections in it such as: poetry, fiction and art pages, "Mind benders" and crosswords and also a page that is designed to make you laugh.
However, our most important aim is that we the new Magazine should be informative.

The magazine is the channel through which:

  • The words of mental health professionals can be carried towards service users and the members of the public.
  • The voice of service users can be expressed towards mental health professionals and the members of the public.

We wanted the Magazine to be a publication that makes it possible for mental health professionals to inform service users about planned programmes, meetings and changes to the services but also to include opinions of service users regarding current issues.

One of the most important goals of iBUG is to use all means of communication to stress the devastating effects of stigmatisation. We are going to send our Magazine to more organisations, GP Practices and libraries to do our part when it comes to tackling stigma. We would like service users and members of the public to open up and talk about their experiences of mental health issues and the way they have dealt with them. (the "service user profile")

We included writing about symptoms and effects of different mental health problems to inform our readers about these issues. We would like everyone to learn more about mental ill health so they can seek help or advice if they or someone around them experience similar problems.
We believe that one of the causes of stigma is that people are scared of the unknown.

"Knowledge is liberating" and is absolutely essential for us to live peacefully with one another; to accept ourselves and each other; and to know where to turn to if we need support.

Who writes the Magazine?

The articles in the magazine are written by service users, volunteers and staff. It is a great success as it offers an outstanding opportunity:

  • for service users to talk about their mental health issues to tackle stigma and to encourage others to overcome their difficulties.
  • for service users to acquire new skills, develop their writing and artistic skills and self confidence by publishing their work.
  • for mental health service users to learn more about their rights; available services; any changes regarding these services; available therapeutic and leisure activities.
  • for mental health professionals to publish articles to inform service users regarding planned changes to the services and legislation.
  • for iBUG members and other volunteers to contribute to positive changes in the community.
  • for mental health service users to express their views and concerns regarding the provision of the services and becoming more active members of the community.
  • for partnership organisations to promote their work and service, contributing to mutual success in our partnership.

Who edits the Magazine?

The Magazine was edited by iBUG's Company Secretary Shirley Scott-Norton who used her creativity and her experience and knowledge of newsletters to further improve the magazine.

How can I get involved?

Everyone is welcome to publish an article or a work of art in our Magazine. We would also like to hear from you if you have an idea for an article or any suggestions for what you would like to see in the Magazine. Please get in touch with us.

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