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Patients Council

What is the iBUG Patients' Council?

The Patients Council is an innovative project promoting the theory and practice of empowerment. The "know-how" has been developed during the last five years, and now the project works effectively and is funded by Trust for London.

The iBUG Patients' Council meets once a month to visit the wards at the Highgate Mental Health Centre (HMHC). The Patients' Council visits all the wards at HMHC to ensure that in-patients are receiving the treatment, support and advice that they need.

The Patients' Council encourages mentally ill people to voice their feelings when they are most vulnerable, i.e. while in a mental health institution. The volunteers who go on the wards all have some degree or other of mental health problems themselves and are therefore able to empathise with the in-patients and offer them meaningful dialogue.
The environment of the ward is also monitored.

After visiting the wards, iBUG members meet to discuss their findings. This gives Patients' Council members an opportunity to identify trends on the wards, seek advice about possible courses of action for patients, and generally discuss hospital policy and practice. The time spent on the wards is then recorded and presented to the local hospital managers, including the Highgate Users Forum.

Who can attend the Patients' Council?

For you to become a Patients Council Member, you need to become an iBUG Member first. To join iBUG please contact us.

New Patients Council Members will always be paired with more experienced members, called Patients Council Advisors.

Patients Council Advisors have been visiting the wards for many years and finished the iBUG Patients Council Training and are CRB Checked.

If you are from an organisation which needs support setting up a similar programme or organise training please contact us.

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