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Our Main Activities

Our main activities are funded by Islington Council and NHS Islington.

Our Function

  • We give a professional voice to people in Islington who have mental health problems to improve the services they use.
  • We promote social contact and support for mental health service users to enable them to take control over their own lives.
  • We inform mental health service users of planned changes in mental health services to influence such changes through iBUG involvement.
  • We promote service user participation in the commissioning, development, policy and practice of mental health services.
  • We advocate for and promote self advocacy for the rights of people with experience of mental ill health.
  • We actively seek the views of mental health service users about the services they use to identify gaps in the range and quality of such services to represent those views to service providers.

Our Committees

iBUG has organised various committees to represent the organisation at meetings in the community. The numbers of Members forming these committees varies between 3- 6. These meetings include:

  • Cost Improvement Programme (CIP)
  • Local Implementation Team Meetings (LIT)
  • Islington Local Involvement Network (LINKs)
  • Delivering Race Equality Meetings (DRE)
  • Social Services Forum Meetings
  • Islington Disability Network Meetings
  • Implementation Group Meetings
  • Service User Focus Working Group Meetings
  • Black Women's Forum Meetings
  • Highgate Women's Forum Meetings
  • User Focused Monitoring Meetings (UFM)
  • Substance Misuse User Group events and meetings
  • Various other temporary steering groups
  • Improving Access to Psychological Therapies

iBUG Members also represent service user involvement at various panels and job interviews for Islington Council and PCT and Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust.

Members' Meetings

iBUG Members meet once a month on the fourth Tuesday of each month to discuss events and news in the mental health community, and changes to the services and laws. It is also the occasion when iBUG Committees and Members report back to us from meetings they attended on our behalf.
At these meetings we decide about appropriate actions we might need to take to maintain the standard of certain services and to develop others.
You can read about our successes in the past under "Our Achievements" menu point.

You can find out about our other programmes and activities under "Our Projects".

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Our Offices

The iBUG offices are provided by Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust which we are very grateful for. Our offices have just been refurbished and now we have enough space to maximise the involvement of volunteers in our work and activities.

If you would like to visit us please arrange an appointment.

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